• How can One to One help your school?

  • Research shows that kids do better at writing, math, and task speed with one to one computing. Attendance is better and collaboration on project based work is enhanced with one to one computing. It is a medium that speaks to our youth and, when used properly, more adequately develops essential 21st Century Skills.

  • Executive Team

  • Jim Hare – Founder, President and CEO

    Jim has over 40 years of IT experience working as an IBM and UNISYS technology specialist within major corporations including Intel, Amdahl, Memorex, Siemans and IBM.

    Race to the Top – Investing in Innovation

  • As the next step following the Race to the Top competition announcement he made with President Barack Obama, U.S Education Secretary Arne Duncan will brief district superintendents and leaders from non-profit organizations Thursday on the $650 million “Investing in Innovation Fund,” or “i3 Fund.” Secretary Duncan’s presentation will kick off the Rigor & Readiness Superintendents’ [...]